Analysing Antennas

I was curious as to how good some of my antennas are. So, down the rabbit hole of google we go...

I discovered that a fairly cheap VNA existed for the low cost of $49 from amazon, called the NanoVNA:

Nano VNA

Amazon Link

This allowed logging of various antennas into SWR graphs. The results of these tests are as follows across the 2m band.

Yaesu HT Stock Antenna

Yaesu stock antenna mid frequncy is 2.71 vSWR

Yaesu Stock Antenna

The HT Signal Stick

The HT Signal Stick antenna mid frequncy is 5.5 vSWR

Signal Stick Antenna

The HT Signal Stick with Tail

I added a 50cm tail to see if would lower the vSWR and if so, how much by. Turns out I was pleasently surprised at the increase in performance that such a simple modification can achieve. The vSWR went from a average of 5.5 to 2.14.

Signal Stick With Tail

The Counterfit Nagoya

The counterfit Nagoya antenna is a fairly flat 5.29 which is great if its a genuine output power but does cause supision if a dummy load is being used.

Signal Stick With Tail