2nd BTR Black Streaks

I've been having this issue of streaking appearing on the output of the Versant 80 like many others in the industry. Xerox blame the stock and while this is technically accurate, it's not really a solution to just swap your current supplier when you have 20 pallets of paper stock to get through. I believe the problem to be with the versant putting down too much toner on coated stocks as the waste cartridge fills up a lot faster on these stocks. The toner that can't be cleared by the first roller then moves to the second bias transfer roller leaving streaks on the page. After some sheets have passed through the machine the residue builds up on the 2nd BTR leaving you with the only option to change it out. At 600GBP or around $750 for a replacement, this is becoming a expensive problem. An average run of around 3k SRA3 duplecx sheets can be printed before the problem appears. The problem (after years of experimentation) can finally be cured, or at least helped along with these steps.


Black streaks appear on print with coated stocks.



Regular cleaning of the 2nd BTR is reccomended every 3k sheets (or whenever the problem occurs). To clean the roller, gently rub the surface with a white j-cloth (or lint free cloth) soaked in Xerox cleaning fluid (or subsitute). Also check the suction filter life, as it gets clogged quicker on this type of job then reset the supplies counter in the technical operators menu.


By placing a 5mm - 8mm CMYK Black bar along the top of the sheet. The CMYK bar causes the waste toner on the 2nd BTR to be used on the bar rather than tranfering onto the blank area of the sheet as it passes through the machine.


Another solution is by slowing down the machine into 'skip pitch' reducing the production speed to less than half the standard running speed. (Usually reccomended by Xerox Engineers)

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Cleaning Chemicals

a substitute of the Xerox cleaning fluid can be made with:

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