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One of many passions is radio. I don't get on the air as much as I'd like to, but when I do, I like listening. I use various Recievers from Radio Shack to AOR scanners. My favorite at the moment is possibly the Yaesu VX-2. Its small design lends itself well to being a very portable setup for listening to local repeaters and even shortwave. The stock antenna works very well were I am, and I Generally don't have a need (yet) for using it with something larger like a Nagoya. Listed below is some of the radios I use.

- McHF 926+
- Kenwood TR9000
- Cobra LX29 Eu
- Radio Shack DX-394
- Yaesu FT-707 + FC-707
- Yaesu VX-2
- Yaesu VX-6
- Yaesu FT-4X
- Yaesu FT2DR
- Radio Shack 2006 Scanner
- Retevis DMR RT3S (GPS)
- Baofeng UV-3R
- Baofeng UV-5RTP (8 Watts)
- Pi-Star Hotspot MMDVM
... etc


APRS is mostly used these days for transmitting location data to other radio operators. You can find me eaisly on the APRS.FI website (callsign 2E0FRD)

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Making the internet a better place is not just a job, it's also a hobby. I like tweaking and changing things for the better and that includes the web.

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