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Despite what this site looks like, I also do web design.

"So why does this site look like it does?" This site is my personal site. Being an engineer by trade, I like low maintenance and fast websites. Really fast websites, that load on everything. I'm not kidding, this site will load on slow old commadore 64 computers over a dial up connection. Many people in the engineering world respect a simple, fast and lightweight site. no fancy animated graphics, no flicking around images. Just pure, good old fashioned content. Because i'm trying to keep this site accesible for all (as the good Tim Berners Lee intended), it will play well with screen readers and text only terminal browsers like w3m or lynx.

The Clients

I've done many websites over the years. These range from small self-employed people to larger organisations (Charitys, Clubs, Churches and all the C's). I design and code in-house giving me much more control over the final output. I prefer not to use frameworks from other people, like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and other as these usually require heavy user input and large amounts of endless computing power to keep it updated and secured, which the client usually doesn't like as this costs money. Most people just want a Setup and forget website using a simple secure backend.

Server Hardware

I run in-house servers rather than hosting overseas. The advantage is all data is hosted in the UK rather than a unknown VPS abroad on a un-monitored server. This can provide higher security and better peace of mind.


From web servers to email servers, it's all hosted on linux. Keeping your data safe.

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